If you are nervous about having dental treatment or need treatment which may be unpleasant (such as having a wisdom tooth extracted) it is usually possible to have it done under sedation.

This involves an injection into a vein, usually in your hand, of a sedative which will make you relaxed and sleepy. You will then be able to be treated without all the anxiety and tension you might normally feel. Throughout the time you are under sedation you will be attached to monitors, similar to those used in intensive care units, to watch your heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.

It is a very safe procedure - more so than a general anaesthetic which is itself very safe - and the monitoring is a wise precaution. After the treatment you will need someone to drive you home and look after you for the rest of the day. If you think this would help you to have the treatment you need please contact the surgery for an initial chat.

Sedation techniques are available for nervous patients at a Chelmsford dentist